Knock-kneed, bandy-legged, and other gorgeous words.

Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, was a master of the art of word play. His prose is chocka-block full of invented nouns and verbs, rhymes, and what I call, gorgeous and greatly terrifying words. As a child I was afraid of him. His poem, Jabberwocky, published in 1891, used invented words like "mimsy', … Continue reading Knock-kneed, bandy-legged, and other gorgeous words.

A Short History of War

Once upon a moonless night, as fog concealed the harbor light, a ship of shadows crept ashore and loosed its heathen breath of war. Serpents writhed on shale and stone, and Satyr ruled the land alone, while the province slept and slumbered on unversed in modern Babylon. Hence, the ravaged shores you see, the blackened … Continue reading A Short History of War

Aviatrix; girl hero

              Beryl Markham, where did you find the                      velocity        to fly in the face of ordinary?           1920’s girl, no…woman,               a real barnstormer.                Triple Crown winner,                        spinner   with whip and spur to win the Derby           in 1921! A gutsy one,                   a … Continue reading Aviatrix; girl hero

Small Talk

(This month, I have the honor of showcasing my sister's whimsical artwork. I hope to share more of Shaun Judith King's artwork in future posts!) I work on a critical care unit in a city hospital. In the peak days of the Coronavirus pandemic, our leaders moved us around like human chess pieces, depending on … Continue reading Small Talk