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Welcome. I’ve published 400 or so feature articles and essays in both regional and national magazines. My editors tell me I have a knack for finding unique and creative slants on well-worn topics. I write on all sorts of subjects, including equine and animal wellness, the writing life, motherhood, marriage, and what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st century.IMG-7607 (1)

Do you believe in the power of ordinary stories? 

I do, too. These are the stories of love, broken promises, risks we’re glad we took, and chances we’ve lost forever. At times, we fervently wish we could revisit our past, rewrite the story, be a better person. It’s okay. I feel that way, too.

For me, these stories are small treasures. Finding them is a like browsing the mussy shelves of a second-hand shop and seeing something glittery there under that pile of old maps. You have to ditch the idea of searching for anything in particular so that you don’t miss the good stuff.

I’m so grateful you’re here. Each and every one of you. This is a place where your stories matter, too.  I welcome your comments on my blog posts and I look forward to getting to know my readers.

I’m currently working on a memoir on becoming a mom at seventeen and a wife just one year later. My story is universal, it’s a story of trying too hard to fit in, even at the risk of losing ourselves.


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