Are You Good Nuff?

My nickname is Katya Goodnuff. I thought of it myself. I was binge-watching a series on Netflix that had a lot of Russian-born characters and I loved all the names; Smirnov, Michailov, Chernov. It’s only natural that while vacuuming one day I put my finger on the off button and shouted, “Good nuff, Katya! Goodnuff!” … Continue reading Are You Good Nuff?

The Booklist; books you might have missed.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite reads over the years, many of which you might have missed because they are outside the realm of what you normally read. Please feel free to share your favorite books as well! From the book jacket: "In 1977, Laura Bell, at loose ends … Continue reading The Booklist; books you might have missed.