Just Write

Winter has officially arrived here in the northeast. As  you know I love to write about my passion; horses. Today, outdoor temperatures idle at 4 degrees Fahrenheit. A good day for writing.

My first instinct is to snuggle under a warm rug with a cup of tea and my latest journal, but I’m a horse owner and hunkering down isn’t a luxury I can afford. The horses need to be turned out, their stalls need cleaning, icy water buckets need to be chopped with an axe. It’s rough going.

As a writer, I’ve learned to adapt. I slide a small notebook and pen into my coat pocket. I bundle up, head outside, and start mucking stalls. My mind wanders and before the first stall is clean, I’ve thought of an idea or two. I pull off my glove with my teeth and jot my idea down before my fingers go numb. Then I put my glove back on and let my muse do it’s thing. All I have to do is be present and ready with my pen and notebook.

I don’t wait for a quiet moment to write. I’ve been at this for a long time and I see now that my life has no intentions of settling down. In fact, my life feels like a fractious mare; no sooner do you get things smoothed over and composed than someone tosses a firecracker right under your hoofs.

Just write.

Even if you’re in the midst of chaos. Get yourself a notebook. Buy your favorite pens at the dollar store…and just write. There will never be a better time than right now.

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